MORE INFORMATION about oticon replacment hearing aid coverage


If you used Veterans Administration hearing benefits for these hearing aids, please disregard this extended insurance coverage offer. Replacement coverage is managed through the Veterans Administration.


Coverage is effective upon the completion of an online application and once payment for the premium cost has been received.  You will receive an email confirmation of your coverage with its effective date. The device must be in your possession and in good physical condition to apply for coverage.


Your benefits can be renewed annually while the replacement device is in the manufacturer's repair warranty period. We will notify you before your benefits expire.


Below is a summary of items regarding the Oticon in-service replacement device coverage:

  • Accidental damage means unintentional physical damage sustained by your instruments.
  • Gradual deterioration, normal wear and tear, and electronic failure are NOT covered by this policy.
  • If we replace the devices, ESCO will notify the patient regarding new coverage options for their replacement devices. The cost of coverage for a third device may have a different premium as the original manufacturer rates transition to ESCO standard policy rates.