About ESCO

As the early pioneer and the longstanding leader of independent loss and damage coverage for hearing aids, ESCO believes a commitment to better hearing is worth protecting.

Since 1989, ESCO has provided comprehensive loss, damage, and repair protection for most manufacturers, models, and styles of hearing aids.

As an advocate, ESCO partners with you and your hearing care professional to help protect and maximize your investment in better hearing. 

At ESCO, the only product we provide is protection for hearing devices. Whether it is coverage from the financial impact of an aid suddenly lost, or by covering the cost to repair or replace a damaged device.

We believe our products offer more than just financial security, they provide lasting peace of mind. Our policyholders know ESCO, is there to inform, educate, and help in their time of need.

What people are saying...

"Always helpful on the phone. Good program for wearers after they go out of their factory warranty. We recommend it to all our patients."
– Jeri M, Oklahoma
"Great customer service -- helpful and knowledgeable! Thanks for your help!"
– Mary B, Michigan
“My experience with ESCO has been very good. Any repairs that were needed were done as quickly as possible and the service was very satisfactory.”
– Arlene H, California